Lessons I Learned at Google

Lesson #1: Take Every Call and Listen

Lesson #2: Sometimes Being Stubborn is the Right Thing


Lesson #3: Always Ask the Hard Question

How Much Dynamite Would You Like!

Lesson #4: Assume Everyone is Smarter Than You

This Dude Will Crush You at Jeopardy

Lesson #5: Be Transparent — Especially When it Hurts

  1. The answer
  2. “I don’t know”
  3. “I know the answer but won’t/can’t share it with you because…”
Time to Beat Dave Up!

Lesson #6: Also, Sometimes Being Stubborn is Stupid

Lesson #7: If You Raise a Problem Be Prepared to Own the Solution

Everyone Can Do SRE

Lesson #8: Even Disappointments Are Opportunities

Google’s Network is Big, Complicated, And Endlessly Fascinating

Lesson #9: Everything Has Been to Get You Here

Lesson #10: Treat Every Interaction as an Audition for Your Future

A Few Last Bits…




SVP of Engineering - Pendo.io

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Dave Rensin

Dave Rensin

SVP of Engineering - Pendo.io

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